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We’re committed to continuously investing in people and technologies to better serve our customers.

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Charter’s Key Differentiators

Approach to Partnership

Every customer has a dedicated team including a Regional Account Manager (RAM), Technical Service Engineer (TSE) and Customer Service Account Rep (CSAR) who assist in everything from quoting, to material trials and delivery.



Continuous Improvement DNA

Whether it is investing in the latest technology for Non-Destructive Testing or continuing to refine our manufacturing process to ensure we are exceeding our high-quality standards, we approach our work with the attitude of “How Can We Do It Better”.

Service and Dependability

At our core, we are a service company committed to ensuring our customers get the right steel on time.  That confidence is why our average customer relationship is over 15 years.

Stay up to speed on Charter Steel’s SBQ capabilities

Our Latest SBQ Updates

  • Our Non-Destructive Test Facility is operational for Bar Straightening and Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing.
  • Stay tuned for future updates in 2024.


SBQ Capabilities
Non-Destructive Testing

SBQ Capabilities

  • Product Capabilities
    • Diameters of 0.75 to 3.25 inches (19.0 to 82.6 millimeters)
    • Lengths from 12 to 50 feet (3.7 to 15.3 meters)
    • Bundles up to 10,000 pounds
  • Technical Capabilities
    • Bearing Quality, Aircraft Quality along with standard SBQ available
    • Micro-alloyed steels such as Boron, Vanadium and Columbium
    • Japanese (JIS), German (DIN) and International Standards (ISO)
    • Nonstandard requests welcomed for capability assessments – potential for heat lot purchase requirement


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We start with recycled material from shredded automobiles, railroad scrap, busheling and other machine shop scrap. These products are melted in our Electric Arc Furnace, which produces a Carbon Footprint that is 75% less than a traditional blast furnace. Following melt, the steel is refined, alloys are added and degassing occurs using our Vacuum Oxygen Degasser (as required).

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Square billets are converted to round bar through a series of rolling stands.  All stands, including back-to-back Kocks blocks, are remotely monitored in our operations pulpit to ensure precise sizing and quality.

Our Cleveland SBQ mill can roll diameters from ¾ inches to 3-1/4 inches.

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Non-Destructive Testing

The newest addition to Charter Steel is our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) facility. The over $50M investment broke ground in 2021. Capabilities include bar straightening, ultrasonic testing and MFLT.  We expect to be fully operational in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Charter Steel produce SBQ?

We produce SBQ in our Cleveland, Ohio facility. To see a video of the facility please click below.

Charter Steel Cleveland Mill Tour

How long has Charter Steel been producing SBQ?

We have been producing SBQ since 2019. While new to the SBQ category, Charter Steel has been in the wire rod and bar business for the past 45 years.

When do you anticipate your NDT facility being operational?

We anticipate hot commissioning and qualification to take place through Q3 of 2023.

What NDT + Processing capabilities do you offer?

On site we offer straightening, Ultrasonic Testing and MFLT testing. We can partner with long time processors and coordinate other processing such as quench and temper, heat treat, turn and polish and other processing steps – providing you with one point of contact for all your bar finishing needs.

What is your roll frequency?

We have a four week roll cycle with no accumulation rules.

Do you offer special straightness (I.E. 1/2 ASTM straightness)?

Yes, we can offer this.

What are your reduction ratios?

See our reduction ratios here.

Charter Steel Reduction Ratios